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Why Compatible

So.. you are out of ink again, and the OEM ink prices are ridiculously pricey.

As most people are not familiar with compatible cartridges, we did our best to answer all your concerns and questions before purchasing

The number of myths floating around about printer cartridges is nothing short of amazing. and it's often fuelled by the retailers of brand name products.

Of course the large OEM brand name companies want you to buy their over inflated products and what better way is there to achieve this than by giving false information about the aftermarket products.

Lets take a look at the most common myths about printer cartridges and clarify some of this false information that we hear so often.

Before we get started, one thing that we wish to make perfectly clear is that Not all generic cartridges are the same quality

There is a huge variation in quality between various brands of compatible cartridges and if you use anything other than a high quality generic cartridge then your printer may be at risk and you will bot be happy with your products.

123Getink.com cartridges and toners all manufactured under Certified ISO 9001-9002 certifications and Guarantee to meet all OEM specifications and performance standards

Now, lets take a look at some of the most common myths about non genuine printer cartridges.

My Generic Printer Cartridges dried up

The only time that a printer cartridge could dry up is if it is in warm conditions and the ink is a very low grade, poor quality ink. the chemical structure of some of the very low grade cartridges can cause them to dry up. however 123getink cartridges use high-density, dye-base (same as OEM) ink that will take years to dry or congeal.

Generic cartridges wont work in my printer

There are literally dozens of reasons why your generic cartridges didn't work. And you should always ask yourself first:

  • Is the microchip on the cartridge the very latest update? If it isnt then the printer will not recognise them, all of our cartridges are equipped with the latest updated chips .

  • Is the chip on the cartridge sitting in exactly the correct position? low grade generic cartridges that have had badly aligned chips or even plastic protrusions which stop the chip from contacting the printer terminals. the cartridge are so badly constructed that the chip does not make contact with the printer terminal. As mentioned befre all of our products manufactured to be same as OEM quality.

Generic inks will damage my printer

This will not happen providing you use a quality generic cartridge. If you dont use a quality cartridge then they just may damage your printer. The ink may leak out into the printer and cause all sorts of issues, poorly molded cartridges may break or jam inside the printer or low grade ink may quickly clog the printhead.

This is why it is crucial that a high quality generic cartridge is used.

I tried compatible cartridges before and they didn't work

Let us state once again that non genuine cartridges are not all the same.

You get what you paid for.

Dont expect to buy a two dollar compatible cartridge from eBay or Amazon and not expect problems.

At 123getink 99% of our sales are generic cartridges and if they werent good we would not still be in business and going strong after 10 years online.

The page yield is lower on compatibles

 This is far from the truth since pretty much all non genuine cartridges contain at least the equivelant amount of ink or toner powder as the genuine OEM cartridges.

In many cases the generic cartridge actually contains Considerably More ink than the OEM product which results in a far greater page yield.

Generic inks are so cheap they cant be any good !

Okay so here's the actual truth, are you ready for it? Genuine OEM cartridges are usually manufactured by the SAME companies that make generic cartridges.

That is a fact, 100% truth.

The big difference usually with a geunine OEM product is the pretty box with the gold or silver writing and the beautiful glossy shiny graphics.

With a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our cartridges there is no reason to not give them a try.